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Subject: FLASH: Variable Question
From: Dan
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:28:54 GMT

Mellow Greetings everyone.

I am doing a project for fun mostly, although ti is turning out to be less
and less fun every day.

Anywhoo, What I am trying to do is make a simple game where keypress actions
will rotate one MC around it's axis. I have been trying to use a "set
variable" with a "get property" statement, then modifying it, then
transfering the change back to the MC with a Set Property. However, when
testing, it just kind of sits there.

If anyone has ever done anything like this before and can assist I would
greatly appreciate it. Or if anyone knows a good tutorial or book that
would help lemme know. Thanks in advance.

Dan Rathbun

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