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Subject: FLASH: Keeping track of frame number within an MC
From: Shaun Brazier
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:30:43 GMT

OK gang, eyes down,

Here's the plan.

I would like to have some way of letting an MC know which frame another MC is on at any given time.
Why?: I will have a slider control consisting of mouse over buttons. Each button will go to a different MC of a sound track at differing volumes (now you see where I'm heading and you know I am going the absolute wrong way about it!). Depending on the slider, I need to jump to a different volume MC at the exact frame as the previous MC playing. Theoretically, I should then be able to control volume. I would also need to include an MC that knows which 'sound movie' (for example) is playing so that I could control the volume of any sound track that was playing at the time.

I just know this ain't the way to do this. Preachers,.. shed that light!

Thanks, of course in advance.

Any ideas greatly appreciated



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