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Subject: FLASH: Flash 4 Magic
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:54:07 GMT

Flash 4 Magic - the book with contributions from Branden Hall and Chrissey
Rey and others....

It's here! And it looks like EXACTLY what Teacher-Tom and others have been
wanting. And me, too! Step-by-step "learn by doing" instructions - tons of
utilities & how to create them, tons of stuff on the CD too.

I can hardly wait to get started, although may need new bi-focals, font is
pretty small for these old eyes. It wasn't very expensive, either....but it
wasn't free. :-)

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
charderatawsolution [dot] com
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Subject: Re: FLASH: A teacher replies to Cheri et al.

> Cheri Harder wrote:
> <snip>
> butprobably not the time, nor the know-how of writing tutorials) I don't
> > I would know where to start.
> Cheri: You start at the beginning. Step1- Open Flash.
> > As a "geek" so to speak (and a poetic one at
> > that) I have been studying "variables" and "While Loops" and Cursors and
> > Case and If..then..else for 12 years. It would be difficult to know
> > to start in a tutorial. Do you start from "this is what a variable is"
> > do you assume they know some programming terminoligy?
> Here's a little technique I use to get the student to understand a
variable. I
> tell the student a variable is simply a baggie that holds information.
> neat thing about it is that it can be given a name. Rather than get them
> thinking tecchie, I usually use "ScumSuckingPig" as the name. This has
> so popular that the students usually work in a drawing of the class
mascot- a
> ScumSuckingPig. Quite effective. As an aside, when the college submitted
> application as an Authorized Macromedia Training Centre, we submitted a
> of me running a complex Director coding class. We hit a custom variable -
> moveIt- and when I asked the class for another name, they said, in unison,
> "Scum Sucking Pig". So somewhere at the mothership is an example of the
> ScumSuckingPig.
> > How much do you assume? Nothing?
> Yes. You can't go leaping into John's stuff, for instance, without a
> progression. The first ActionScript command I teach is stop.Then I move
> the button actions to navigate. Then, step-by-step, I inch them closer to
> John's preloader.
> People learn by doing so each lesson has a unique project associated with
> One of my groups had their first ActionScript class yesterday. We created
> simple Flash Movie that involved a spinning record that moved offscreen
> place. ( Importing .ai art, creating symbols, creating movie clips, using
> motion tween) . A tone arm runs onto the stage. ( Creating a button with
> down state. Defining a hit area. Using Transform or the rotate tool). The
> fades onto the page. ( Setting and tweening Alpha). The user is prompted
to put
> the tone arm onto the record. ( Enable Button Actions). And when the arm
> on the record a sound plays. (Import a sound) When they roll off the
> stops. As you can see the first step is Assemble the Assets but there are
> whack of fundamentals involved.
> Now they code it. Put a Stop action in a keyframe on an Actions layer. Add
> label to a Frame. Open the instance of the the button and add Go to and
> Actions using the labels. Add a Stop Sound Action and a Go To and Stop.
And so
> on.
> That one takes three hours to get through but the students have a pretty
> example and a clearly documented step-by -step they can refer to.
> > Then each and every tutorial would be a book and a half?
> Not really. I have written handouts that are as small as five pages-
> variable valuables using the Message Window in Director- to 64 pages where
> student constructs a Space Invaders game using Object Oriented
Programming. The
> tonearm example is 12 pages with screen shots that is laid out in
> The key, is to have each lesson build upon the other.
> >
> > Action Script is not really a language, even. But it makes some use of
> > "basic" programming theory and we are learning daily how to adapt what
> > DOES do into what we NEED it to do. And there are "basic programming"
> > tutorials all over the place.
> You and a couple of others who waded into this (Tim Allen for one) are
> the point of my post. I will continue developing my own stuff simply
> nothing exists. I am more concerned about those who aren't in my classes
> wonder "How do I code a simple rollover that calls a URL". These people
are the
> vast majority of Flash users. Read the posts. It is very clear where they
> They will have to learn ActionScripting and aren't programmers. So where
> they pick it up in a manner that they can understand?
> I am encouraged to see the mothership (Thanks Eric) has noticed this but
> are three places where they should be tried out before they are released.
> first is in a real live honest to God secondary and post secondary
classroom .
> The teacher will let you know, real fast, what works and what doesn't work
> why. The second would be to do some beta testing. Shoot samples out to
> on the list and ask them to walk through it and let you know what works
> what doesn't. The third is to get the guys writing these things to do it
> front of a class that is coming at the subject cold. You get enough "I
> get its" and you quickly identify that maybe we have a problem here
> >
> > I've never been a teacher, and it very easy for me to get into the rut
> > assuming my listeners know what I'm talking about, when it is so much a
> > of my life that I can't imagine someone NOT knowing.
> Cheri, you didn't "know" when you got into to programming.
> > Teaching is easier for
> > you, because that's what you do, and I'm sure you do it very well!!!
> Thank you.
> >
> > Tutorials written for geeks by geeks helps us geeks and are appreciated
> > much (I don't know anybody who gets paid for writing them, maybe some
> > but I think we're all still learning, yes?
> Yep, but the vast majority of the learners aren't even close to your
> competency. We sometimes forget this.
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