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Subject: Re: FLASH: A teacher wonders why ActionScript tutorials "bite"
From: peter hagerty
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 23:58:59 GMT

At 12:41 AM 1/21/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I had lunch today with a fellow member of this list and it quickly
>degenerated into a whining session regarding ActionScrpt tutorials.
>The bottom line was : Why are actionscript tutorials are generally
>written for geeks by geeks?

Geeks have been reading and writing computer language(s) for a long time,
and because most people don't understand these technical languages, the
geek has become the contemporary scribe.

For reasons of efficiency, the multi-media industry work flow further
separates the work of the geeks from the rest (graphics). Hence geek speaks
more often to geek, in a language largely incomprehensibe to most of us.

But things are getting better, because modern computer languages are now
easier to read and write.

Why Flash is so... cool is that it allows novices and geeks to enter and
use the programme at different levels. If the learning pattern follows that
of Director, then lots of artists will learn code, but it is unlikely that
the geeks will ever use a stylus.

Your question is I think, the pressing issue for Flash education. There are
lots of books on using the interface and drawing, but there are no
dedicated "How to develop actionscript routines." for people not familiar
with higher level languages.

There are many online tutorials, and while excellent, the variety of
presentation, uneveness of description and lack of serial development make
them very hard work.

What we (I) need is an old fashioned book format "actionscript from the
bottom up". Only a geek can write this, but the combination of someone who
has the patience to write; "a string is..."," a variable is..." and also
capable of developig this into a lucid explanation (and demonstration!) of
"Recurrsion, simulated, multi-threading, and data structures", as it
applies to F4, is a special geek.

Is this a commercial opportunity going begging?


Peter Hagerty

*~ arklo ~*

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