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Subject: Re: FLASH: Should i get Photoshop?
From: unique
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 00:47:52 GMT

Hi Eva,

(I bought Photoshop 4 two years ago, DW2/FW2 package last year, and DW3/FW3
package when it was released.)

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Eva Isabel/E
Graphics <egraphicatprodigy [dot] net [dot] mx> put forth:

> ... On the other hand, even that I feel pretty comfortable with Fireworks, i
> still haven't found out if there are good plugins out there for Fireworks.
> (if u know of some please let me know!). And i know there are hundreds of
> excelent plugins for Photoshop.

By "plugins" do you mean *filters*? Most Photoshop filters work seamlessly with

> So, basically, what i would like to ask to
> those of you who have used both, Fireworks and Photoshop, wich one do u
> recommend the most, and most important, why?

Eva, it might "cut to the chase" for you more quickly if you'd turn that
question around and tell us what you want to do that you haven't been able to do
in Fireworks?

> I just have this feeling that
> i might be loosing something extremely useful using Fireworks instead of
> Photoshop, but i wouldn't like to invest my money on Photoshop f it turns
> out that i could have achieved the same results using my reliable Fireworks.
> What do u guys think?
> Thanks in advance for your opinions!

Fireworks was designed for Web production (*only*) from the get-go. Photoshop
was designed for *print* production; later, Web-production features were added
as needed, including ImageReady.

If your medium is actual, *print* photographs, and you wish to have an abundance
of features to allow you to make extremely sophisticated modifications to your
photographs, then you want Photoshop ... HOWEVER, if your medium is primarily
the Web, and you already own Fireworks, but yearn for a new artistic "toy",
(and, especially if you own a graphics tablet), I'd recommend Painter, or one of
its less-expensive siblings/knockoffs, for sheer joy of artistic expression.


Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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