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Subject: Re: FLASH: A teacher wonders why ActionScript tutorials "bite"
From: Tom Green
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 01:41:58 GMT

Dorian Nisinson wrote:

> Hi Tom,

Yo gurrl.

> <snip>
> In order to write the kind of tutorial you are talking about you need
> to have a clear memory of that absolutely nonplused state of mind.

That's why I offered to write them, Dorian. I come at it "clean".

> I have been giving this subject a lot of thought as I too keep seeing all
> the questions about how to learn ActionScript. I send folks to the
> various tutorials but many come back with questions that indicate they
> really need something more.
> I am giving this some serious thought, in between working for a living,
> Tom, and I will see what I can come up with.

Tell me about it.Now you see why I was so happy about John's teacher's group. It has to
be revived and my offer to write them still stands.

I don't know if John passed this on to you but Humber College appointed me the School of
Media Studies' Interactive Multimedia Program Co-Ordinator last month. I guess I am now a
Kahuna up here in Canada. My marching orders are quite succinct: " Make this the premier
multimedia school in Canada ." That shouldn't be too hard. i only have to knock off three
provinces and Sheridan which is where Colin hangs his shingle.

Don't be too terribly surprised if I start asking you for input. I hate schools that are
ivory towers and I have already told my faculty that we will focus like a laser on giving
our students the skills necessary to get jobs. Identifying those skills is going to be
the trick and your input, as always, is appreciated.

BTW. Once I conquer Canada, I will turn my withering gaze to the rest of the continent.


> I feel your pain,

Fugeddaboudit. The 90's are over.

> and
> besides, I am scared of that wolverine you keep chained to your desk. ;>

Just remember where he is, that he is rabid and how he growls when provoked:)

Moving on.

The guy I had lunch with yesterday was Larry Eisenstein. What a neat guy and he really
got the attention of my class because he approached design from an aesthetic point of
view. His description of the Mustard Seed books taught them how they should try to
recreate and recreate sites and techniques they admire. Then they can go out and find
their own voice. It was a great kick off to the lecture series.

Speaking of my class, I have lined up John (Flash) , Denise/Suzy (Jerry Springer Bingo
and the Shockwave gig), Marc (Sound on the net), Zac Belado (Shockwave of the Director
kind) and Peter Small to come online and talk to them. Would you be willing to make a
guest appearance in April to talk about the use of Illustrator, Freehand and Flash for
web vector art. We teach them Illustrator but as soon as they see Pshop they have a core
dump. I admire your work, your common sense approach to stuff and I think they would
benefit from being exposed to your way of thinking. We would chat from 3:00 to 4:30 on a
Thursday afternoon.

> Dorian

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