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Subject: RE: FLASH: Multiple-monitor systems
From: Pete Grant
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 02:44:35 GMT

> I would like to know whether any of you regularly use more than
> one monitor when
> working with Flash, and, if so, how you organize your work environment.

On my PC I have a 19" and a 17". The 19 is what Windows recognizes as my
main monitor and the one I use for the application window. Fortunately, most
of the other windows are draggable to the other monitor without extending
the app window to the other monitor. Other programs, like Awfulware don't do
that. Even Director is fussy about making you extend the app window to both
monitors; then some of the screen is off somewhere you can't reach on your
smaller monitor. Eventually, I'll get two 21" monitors and that won't be a

The important thing to me is checking Edit->Preferences->Disable Timeline
Docking. If you allow it to automatically dock, it could drive you loony.
You drag it somewhere, and OOPS!, it's docked itself and your screen is
askew. I keep the Timeline on the 17 most of the time, sometimes on both,
and--if I'm doing a lot of ActionScript--in the 19, because the Frame
Properties box opens in whatever monitor your Timeline is in.

On my Mac, I have a 21" in between a 17" and a 15". In Flash, there's not
that much advantage to the third monitor, but I usually keep the library and
the inspector window there. (It's great for Director. You keep the Stage in
the middle and the Cast and Score on either side.)

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