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Subject: FLASH: Basic Programming Books (was: A teacher wonders...)
From: Richard McLean
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:12:48 GMT

I also would love to know if anyone has found a good basic
programming book that not only explains how, but also why.
That has been my biggest problem over the years when
trying to learn how to program.

I really don't mind which language it's about.

For instance all the books I've bought and read so far say:

Do this
then do this
If this
then do that
End if

Then say, "see how easy that was!"

But they don't say "We use "then do this" **because**...".
Lots of instructions without reason.

Send this to sdout and then check sdin, without any kind of
explanation as to what sdout is, does, or why you are
sending it to it.

Wasn't the most common question you asked as a child

kind regards,
Richard McLean

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