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Subject: FLASH: Mac & Ie 4.5 load movie
From: Simon Giraudo
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 05:13:26 GMT

Thank you Micheal Penne for the encouraging words that Load movie does

I finally got movies to load on Ie 4.5 on Mac O/S 9. Of course then it
wouldn't work on Windows Explorer.

Problem being that I have all my swf files under a seperate directory that
the index.html file.
To load a Movie I use

Load Movie ("titlePage.swf", 2) for Ie on Mac
Load Movie ("swf/titlePage.swf", 2) on Windows.

The project file system looks like this

/www/swf/all swf files sit here.

Any help on how to Load Movie that will work on all systems woulf be a god
send. To long on the same thing and I'm not thinking properly.


simon g

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