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Subject: FLASH: is there a BUG in Flash for Aligning
From: Irfan Uygur
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 11:57:03 GMT

i am designing a site completely in Flash but i've come to a stop because of
a problem/bug ? in Flash.
Anyone who can give me a hint will be greatly appreciated
I'm using movie clips which i'm controlling with actionscript.
Problem is Mc's are playing on o TV-like graphic so i have to position them
using Modify/Align command and centering
them over the tv symbol. But i found out that when i align them using Align
command the movie clips simply dont play.
If i align them manually they play
but i can't align them perfectlt by hand
and when i align them by Align command they simply don't show !!!
i've tried this on a friend's computer and it's still the same so the
problem isn't on my computer!
Please help me if you have any ideas...

Irfan Uygur

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