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Subject: FLASH: Flash 4 silent install for Netscape
From: Jan Oosterhuis
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 15:05:59 GMT

(This question has probably been posed before, but I could not find
the proper solution.)

Aftershock (2.5) creates an html page with some JavaScript code that
uses Java to install the Flash Plugin into Netscape.
A piece of it looks like this:

>if (navigator.platform.indexOf("Win32") >= 0 )
> jarPath =
>else if (navigator.platform.indexOf("Win16") >= 0 )
> jarPath =
>else if (navigator.platform.indexOf("MacPPC") >= 0 )
> jarPath =
>if (jarPath.length) {
> netscape.softupdate.Trigger.StartSoftwareUpdate (jarPath,

I rewrote some of the code (to detect the Flash 4 plugin), but it
appears that the above URL's still point to the Flash v3 installers.
Are other links available at Macromedia that can be used for
installation of the Flash v4 plugin?

(by the way: I discovered that when using this method an already
present Flash v4 plugin is overwritten by the v3 plugin (win32).)

Jan Oosterhuis
Faculty of Educational Science and Technology
University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
e-mail: J [dot] Oosterhuisatedte [dot] utwente [dot] nl

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