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Subject: RE: FLASH: A P I CT U R E S I T E O F F L A S H E RS ! ! ! !
From: Jenny
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 16:35:04 GMT

Although you guys have done a lot of joking about a picture site, I really
do think that Ditte has a good idea there. It's always nice to see who's
who. There are some amazing "Flash Celebrities" [like John C., Bob Merrill
and Marc Hoffman, to name a few] on this group, and it'd be nice to have a
face to put with the name.
Ditte, my pic will follow!

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From: Ditte Hellemose [ditteathellemose [dot] dk (mailto:ditteathellemose [dot] dk)]
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 2:16 PM
To: Flasher@Chinwag. Com
Subject: FLASH: A P I CT U R E S I T E O F F L A S H E R S ! ! ! !

All interested, please mail me your picture(s) and
a little info about yourself...

for the picturesite...

besides, this is me...

Ditte Hellemose

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