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Subject: FLASH: Get rich Quick!! or Re: Teacher asks...
From: Paul Hagwood
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 18:34:32 GMT

Ok, the horse is dead and flogged to a wet spot on the
dirt road. So, of course, I just have to say one more
thing. I went to the store and checked out three
(maybe four) Flash4 books and they all were pretty
close to Flash 3 books, but with a bit of new stuff
thrown in. I'm here to tell ya, I'm willing to pay the
bucks to someone to teach me ActionScript. I think
many, many others are willing to shell out some bucks
for a good book and/or class. I think this is a gold
mine that someone should tap, I only wish it was me.
If you know of someone who has tapped the mine, let me
in, I want to give them my hard earned green to
educate my inferior mind.

Thank you to all the people who have shared their
knowledge on this list or on web sites. We love you!

PS: MM is the best graphics/web software company out!
But, they need to support their new developers and
designers a little better. Heck, I'm willing to pay
them to do it. Never said I wasn't.

Paul Hagwood
Multimedia Illustrator
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