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Subject: RE: FLASH: Get rich Quick!! or Re: Teacher asks...
From: Pete Grant
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 19:43:21 GMT

>I went to the store and checked out three
> (maybe four) Flash4 books and they all were pretty
> close to Flash 3 books, but with a bit of new stuff
> thrown in. I'm here to tell ya, I'm willing to pay the
> bucks to someone to teach me ActionScript.

Get *Flash 4 Magic*! It's great! At Cheri's recommendation, I got it last
nite. It's wild!

It's designed to teach you ActionScript. And from what I can see so far, it
really delivers. If you go step-by-step through the tutorials, well, it's
all there.


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  FLASH: Get rich Quick!! or Re: Teacher a, Paul Hagwood

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