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Subject: RE: FLASH: Multiple-monitor systems
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 20:29:54 GMT

At 06:34 PM 1/21/00 , you wrote:

> > I would like to know whether any of you regularly use more than
> > one monitor when
> > working with Flash, and, if so, how you organize your work environment.

I recently (finally!) got a new system including the G400 card. I run a 17"
and 14" (!) monitor off it. In Flash I typically have the timeline in the
smaller monitor and the stage and toolbars in the larger monitor. I also
open my Windows Explorer windows in the smaller screen, but keep them
minimized when not needed. I have two older machines with 17" monitors. One
is my Internet/email connection, the other is primarily for digital audio
although I also have Photoshop and a few other programs running on it. All
are networked, so it's pretty easy to keep a browser window open on one,
email on another, and Flash production on the third.

As Frederico has pointed out, having all this stuff does not have to be an
enormous financial investment. I use my cheapest monitor for digital audio,
since graphics quality is unimportant. Old P166's go for under $200
complete and are fine for basic internet (in fact, I like to test Flash on
a P166 so I don't go overboard on processor demands when I design). Used
monitors shouldn't run much over $100, maybe $200 for a used pro model. My
14" is great for testing web page readability (I'd use a 15" but happened
to have this left over from long ago).

Marc Hoffman

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