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Subject: Re: FLASH: Get rich Quick!! or Re: Teacher asks...
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 21:38:32 GMT

Hi, james.

It is almost entirely actionscript. There is no "general instruction of how
to use Flash" It is comprised entirely of 21 tutorials for making 15
"utilities" and 6 "games", demonstrating the following:

Algorithm-controlled movement
Audio Files and Flash
Calculations in ActionScript
Data matching
Decision making
Draggable interface elements
Duplicating objects
Dynamic data
Keyboard Input
Loading movies
Minimized windows with double-click event
Motion tweening
Mouse position tracking
Object collision detection
PHP scripting
Playback quality
Progress bar
Random events
Random object placement
Randomized sequential events
Real-time digital display
Scrolling and interactive images
Scrolling text
Shape tweening
Search engine with Flash
Server-side scripting
Size Reports
Sliders that snap into place
Text fields
Trig with Flash
Updating a text field
Zooming with a scroll bar

Whew...that was their "index of Techniques" Some of their Utilities (oh
heck, all of them) are:

Password Keypad
Lava Lamp
Drag-n-drop interface
Map Explorer
Online Book Search
Product Catalog
24-hour internet quote clock

I've done the first 4. Every step is detailed, with some explanation of
each step. The only downside I have seen so far is the lack of explaining
when to use "string" and when to use "expression" - although you can tell
which to use by the results you get (ie, whether or not your code has the
quotes around it) it doesn't "tell" which to use and/or why.

A sample from the book:


Double-click keyframe 305 to open Frame Properties, and, on the Actions tab,
assign the ActionScript:

Begin Tell Target ("/Blob" & (Random(3)+1))
Go to and Play ("Play")
End Tell Target

Each blob animation has an instance name: Blob1, Blob2, or Blob3. Each
also has a keyframe labeled "Play," so this script dynamically selects the
next animation and forces it to play by using a Tell Target action.


Now, my take on all this....the tutorials do start from the beginning of
"open Flash" (well, nearly that) with the how-to step by step. It still
doesn't start from the very beginning of Programming...ie, what IS a
variable. Flash 4 f/x & Design (John's) has more insight on that type of
information, as well as detailed explanation of HOW to use each of the Flash
tools, which Flash4 Magic does NOT.

My personal suggestion is BOTH books together should get almost everybody
where they want to be. There are tutorials along the way in the f/x book
that get the tools & basics, then the 21 more in the Magic book will get you
the details.

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
charderatawsolution [dot] com
Advantage Web Solution
"Developing your internet storefront"

> Is it mainly actionscript or just *some* actionscript?
> I bought flash 4 f/x but it's more design focused with
> some actionscript info, but I'm looking for more
> actionscript/database programming integration
> tutorials/information and overall what actionscript
> has to offer.

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