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Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Check: My first Flash
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 23:36:48 GMT

> Hi list,
> I have a site for you all to see, it's not 100%, but they wanted it up...I
> have not yet added credits (i use a 3d globe from this list & brandon's
> slider)...still figuring out how to do a couple things....
> www.atlasgaskets.com
> thanks,
> Brian
> "Rank Amatuer Extraordinaire"

Hi There,
Nice site! I like the way you've done the "follow your mouse" letters
preloader, love the dark blue/black center square, logo design, faded white
overlay for clear text, and spinning globe (it's really appropriate here).
Like the gasket too :)

Personal Opinion: I really dislike the sliding menu. I didn't like it on the
design site where I originally saw it and I think it's rather worse on a
business (not design) site like this one. Anything that moves away from me
when I'm trying to read or worse yet click on it, makes me think I'm
involved in that "catch the reboot button" game where I'm stuck and can't
get out. You've got it way slowed down, which helps, but still you don't
want your customers reminded of nasty tricks, do you? You have to have some
concept how it works and be willing to play some to know that it's faster if
you happen to mouseover on the edges of the screen and slower in the middle.
I suspect general joe public may not notice/be willing to play if the link
they want happens to be on the edge. And the graphic design of the site is
so well done, I think it's just a shame to hurt it with an unnecessary "see
what I can do" flash technique. If you really have to have it, what about a
"stop moving" button down at the bottom or something? Still personal
opinion, that green's kinda bright :)

Technical: The sliding menu didn't appear the first time I loaded the site,
and I had to hit reload to find the menu

Just my two cents,
Laura Mollett

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