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Subject: RE: FLASH: What in the friggin name of batman!
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 00:22:18 GMT

Thanx for the note Cheri. I gave it a whirl.. no go =(

It appears I simply have the latest player and its not compatible
with all the work done on multiple flash/asp and database related
projects now. =( this seems to be way more serious than i think
they know. what do you tell a paying client when their site isnt
working and the fixits posted by Macromedia dont do it either?
A client that just went out and bought a slew of systems to work
with and administrate their fance new site? boy do i have poopy
diapers today or what! this is sad.

heres a link for yall whos interested in this thread.


>here is a post of the player version check suggested by macromedia.

>it doesnt work "exactly" like they said it would - it says
>your not using it when it reports above that you are - some
>machines it reports nothing?? however, the first field is
>the important one. so if anyone would like to see what
>theyre using or for amusement's sake, point to it and
>report their player version to us on the list, that'd be great!

>additionally, if you find you DO HAVE version 20 or 25, if you
>could then check out "inventory search" or "sales guides" at
>www.landroverseattle.com to confirm whether or not this is truly
>the problem, that would be greatly appreciated and hopefully a
>help to us all who might be experiencing this crazy flash nuance.

>i attempted adding a dummy ampersand variable at the beginning of
>movies, as suggested by macromedia and it did not change anything.

>thanx for you help


Best Regards, Daniel Votino
Project Manager, The Flash Brothers Design Group, DESCRY Ltd.
510 E. Francis Ave. Suite# DESCRY, Spokane, WA 99207
PH: 509.484.8466 / FAX: 509.484.8461

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