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Subject: RE: FLASH: Multiple-monitor systems
From: Frederico
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 00:51:07 GMT

On 1/22/00 1:17 PM, Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media via
mailatdartfrogmedia [dot] com, said:

>As Frederico has pointed out, having all this stuff does not have to be an
>enormous financial investment. I use my cheapest monitor for digital audio,
>since graphics quality is unimportant. Old P166's go for under $200
>complete and are fine for basic internet (in fact, I like to test Flash on
>a P166 so I don't go overboard on processor demands when I design). Used
>monitors shouldn't run much over $100, maybe $200 for a used pro model. My
>14" is great for testing web page readability (I'd use a 15" but happened
>to have this left over from long ago).

FWIW, in most larger metro areas, one can go thrifting (community-based
used goods stores) and find 14"-15" SVGA monitors (Mac or Wintathel) for
$25-$35, and while 17"-s are a rare find, they don't go over $75 (and the
quality reflects the price!), but they make fine tool palletes and
representations of a large part of the populace' viewing quality.

Marc's method of having three machines for various tasks may sound like a
drag (and noisy!) to have to maintain, but the reality is that by keeping
buggy web browsers and email clients away from your dedicated graphics
machine, you then run a much-cleaner primary-function (read:
money-making) machine that will work when you need it; more-stable and
more-smooth than it would be constantly dealing with all the temp files
and deletions generated by Web stuff.

It also helps you keep your focus on work, if you have to turn away from
your project to answer email or surf the Web. While I'm sure Marc keeps
these screens in close proximity, we've taken the steps of banning
(personal) email and web suff from graphics/audio/work stations,
providing either a laptop (which the employee can then carry home, too)
or a single machine in a bullpen for many to share for what would
otherwise be a time-consuming distraction.

For the many of you working on your own, self-discipline is one of the
toughest obstacles encountered by an SBO, and these are some things that
might help you stay on task.



~Apple *is* Design.~

-- Rob Burgess CEO Macromedia 5 January 2000

Think OS X -- Summer 2000

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