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Subject: FLASH: Current Flash Player Buggy -- read MM Tech note!
From: unique
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 00:54:31 GMT

I know that many of you may know about this, but for those who may not have

Macromedia Technote #14234, dated Monday, 17 Jan 2000

"Attempts to send data from a Flash movie to a server are not working"




Could someone who knows *please* give me an estimate of how long it will take
until Macromedia CEASES to allow our potential ultimate clients (Flash movie
viewers) to download this buggy player? (It's listed as downloadable as of this

Couldn't they have at least reversed course and put the previous version up?

It's been almost a week since this technote was published. I just really don't
get why the defective player is being spread around by MM when it doesn't have
to be ... there's more than one alternative.

One More Beef:

This technote really irritates me! It suggests that the *release of a buggy
player* is to be dealt with by "design and scripting workarounds" (i.e., *we*,
not Macromedia, *do something*).

The technote says:

"Issue: Using the Load Variables or Get URL action to pass data from a Flash
movie in a browser to the server is not working. The server-side application
does not record the variable information. This only happens when using the Flash
Player 4.0r20 (Macintosh) and 4.0r25 (Windows)."

Please note the last sentence.

Further along, Mr. Matt Wobensmith advises us that ...

"Solution: There are several design and scripting workarounds to this problem."

[Two are listed.]


"Design and scripting workarounds" are NOT the solution!

Getting the *previous* or the *next* players up there is!

As always when this particular chord is struck within me, I would like to hear
from MM about their position about the defective player being provided to
thousands and thousands of Flash Viewing *Newbies*. I hate to think about it.

Not getting it,

Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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