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Subject: FLASH: Cowardly Threats and Vulgar Misconceptions -- was: Re: wintahel
From: Frederico
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 02:29:18 GMT

Sam and Members,

One pitiful coward among you has chosen to harass me privately using
anonymous Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. I have tried to appease, to ignore,
to overlook and forgive, but this party has stepped over the line today.
I have chosen to expose his/her cowardice publicly, and draw attention to
this ridiculous, pedantic abuse in the hopes that if he/she is also
harassing you, you will not hesitate to take legal action, as I have now
instigated in the form of a police report and pursuit of Real World
identity to secure a legal restraining order. If the abuse continues, I
will escalate my reactions.

Perhaps this individual is truly a child, as reflected by this behavior,
and doesn't realize the severity of criminal activity he/she has
undertaken. If an apology is immediately issued by this party (using a
genuine name and email address), I, and I'm sure Sam, Hotmail and the
legal authorities, will take it into consideration.

I will not post all the vulgarities issued, but will address one,
wacked-out example as follows:

On 1/22/00 6:26 PM, I.C. You via web_lookerathotmail [dot] com, said:

>(Mac or Wintathel)

My Dear Looker,

You are clearly bothered by your own insecurities. The above
parenthetical clarification was made, not to disparage any Wintathel
users, but to make clear to typically under-informed Mac users that
standard SVGA monitors may also be used with Macs, as many a veteran Mac
user is led to believe that they may use Apple-only monitors. If anyone
should take offense, it is the Mac user insulted by me for bothering to
point out the obvious.

Further, I think you mistake the term 'Wintathel' as one of disrespect,
as possibly indicated by your misspelling in the subject line. The term
is derived from a combination of 'Windows' - 'Intel' - 'Athalon', and was
coined by Yours Truly upon the realization that AMD Athalon supporters
(myself included) didn't like the previously popular term (Wintel), as it
excluded the tremendous accomplishments of AMD. It is not to be
construed, as I believe you may be doing, as 'Windows-Hell', or anything
of that nature.

Looker, I use both platforms daily. I value them for what they do and how
they help me earn a living. I also use many other hardware and OS
combinations as a matter of daily course. That my personal preference in
the world of audio and graphical design is Apple is my choice, and that
you have chosen to harass me for it is completely unwarranted. Nothing I
post in this regard is remotely disrupting to the list, as it is always
in the context of the list subject; i.e., Flash and Flash production
techniques; or is a direct rebuttal to misinformation posted by
Wintathel-centric supporters.

>(Whites or Niggers)
>What's the difference? Prejudice is predjudice....

That you would attempt to equate me with being a racist is just insane.
If you knew my heritage, my ethics, my morals and the color of my skin,
you would feel as much the fool you are acting like.
>You've got a serious problem. Get help.

No, you now have the serious problem, in the form of legal action. Get
yourself right, and real soon, because I'm not sitting still for your
illegal activities any longer.

My apologies to the list for consuming your bandwidth, I simply had to do
something to stop this activity. Your kind indulgence is greatly



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