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Subject: Re: FLASH: Cowardly Threats and Vulgar Misconceptions -- was: Re: wintahel
From: Frederico
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 03:17:28 GMT

On 1/22/00 7:45 PM, Brian via ronaldoatexecpc [dot] com, said:

>though I wouldn't by ANY means condone the use of vulgarities such as the
>"N" word, unless you snipped out some of that particular message, I think
>that "Looker's" intent was in calling you prejudiced towards WINATHEL's, and
>was not calling you a racist.

No, the message was not snipped, you'd have to see the others to
understand the level to which this has escalated.

I also did not suggest that I was directly being *called* a racist, only
that I was being equated with one.

Even if I am to be condemned as a platform-bigot, it doesn't warrant
personal harassment, especially if all I'm doing is making a necessary
technical clarification within the context of a post.

Please tell me you see the insanity of such attacks.
>And though he or she uses the "N" word, I don't know if legally there is
>anything you could do (again, unless the other e-mails ARE threatening)...if
>the cops did actually contact them, it may scare them to lay off (which is
>what I suspect you seek), but the first amendment protects free
>speech...even the speech used by chuckleheads like Looker.

Free Speech ends when I repeatedly request/demand the party stop
contacting me. Illegal harassment ensues with each message that follows
such requests and warnings. I.E., the First Ammendment ends at the
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth--as is widely supported by both Federal
and Sate Law, not to mention International Law and even the Hotmail Code
of Conduct.



~ If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread,
they can sure make something out of you.~

-- Muhammad Ali

Think X

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