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Subject: Re: FLASH: Cowardly Threats and Vulgar Misconceptions -- was: Re: wintahel
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 04:07:39 GMT

> I agree. well, good luck.
> I am sure 99.9% of the list sincerely appreciates all the flash help you
> give.
And the mac help. Platform wars are so... ridiculous. If you work only for
yourself (and pretty much only with yourself), you have the option of
choosing, but if the company you work for works on
mac/windows/unix/whatever, you do the work on whatever they have/whatever
they tell you to, and if you change jobs you might change platforms as well.
And suddenly you find you *need* the information you've been disparaging. Or
if your client asks you how to get something to work. Most of us work for a
living - we try to use a) whatever gets the job done, b) whatever we're told
or c) whatever we know how to do. What I like best is strictly left for my
home machine, and even then, if I bring work home, it has to be compatable
with what's available at work. Having someone that understands mac systems
well enough to provide the kind of information Frederico provides is
*invaluable* not just to those of us currently on macs, but to those of us
who will ever be (and who knows?), or who will ever come in contact with
someone who is, and to those of us who want our flash sites to work as well
for our mac audience as for anyone else.

Frederico, about the only thing I can imagine is that this person is jealous
because you're a bright, knowledgeable, and helpful person able to provide
something he/she can't. I know that probably doesn't help much... hopefully
they'll stop and leave the rest of us with a desparately needed resource.

Laura Mollett

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