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Subject: RE: FLASH: collision victim, detection challanged
From: Larry Eisenstein (E-mail)
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 04:25:53 GMT

I'm a little further along Branden, thanks. I put the code in the buttons as
you suggested.
The actionscript below is in 1 of my buttons (controlling an MC on
keypress). It is working
perfectly. The 3 other keypress buttons are identical in format (each using
keys of course) but are having the 'If' statement ignored. The 'Else' 'Tell
Target' command
works fine on all buttons.

On (Key: <Left>)
Set Variable: "Guy1xpos" = GetProperty ("/Guy1", _x )
Set Variable: "Guy1xpos_Leftmax" = leftmax + 280
Set Variable: "leftmax" = 0
If (Guy1xpos <= Guy1xpos_Leftmax)
Set Property ("/Guy1", X Position) = Guy1xpos_Leftmax
Begin Tell Target ("/Guy1")
Set Property ("/Guy1", X Position) = GetProperty
"/Guy1", _x ) - 5
End Tell Target
End If
End On

The value expression in the second 'Set Variable' above adds a number at the
end. The other 3 don't work and they all minus a number at the end of their
'Set Variable' value expression. Do you think this could be related to the


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