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Subject: FLASH: r25/r20 was the new big bad...
From: RedStar
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 14:48:01 GMT


A couple of questions first. you have 3 landrover sites. Are they all
based on the same backend engine ?
The reason I ask this is because :
1 - I tested Seattle, Spokane and Eastside using the following browsers
OS and Flash release :
The Flash plugin/activex controls where installed using the full
self-contained download file provided by Macromedia for testing
purposes, and not the stub+online installation method.
2- Spokane and Eastside return results Seattle does not. I accessed the
Sales guide tab in each case. Spokane did not return results the first
time but a requery with a cache clear resolved it. Seattle just does not
return any results.

I did read the MM technote 14234, but CAN NOT verify what is stated on
this technote using the r25/r20 versions installed by the full version
off-line installation pack.
A quick test with a simple swf file that sends variables from the main
timeline to a perl script as follows :
1 - In flash swf file do a get url with send vars using either get or
post the url refers to the perl script and the target window is _blank
2 - The perl script just collects all the variables it receives and
dumps them:
----- Perl Script ------

use CGI ':standard';

$query=new CGI;
print header();
print start_html('Dumping Vars'),
h2 ('Current Values'),
print $query->dump;
print end_html;

------End Perl Script ------
Adapt the first line to your case
The resulting html page generated by this script does NOT return any
variables afected by the bug described in technote 14234.
It does return a first blank var followed by all other variables
declared in the main timeline of the swf file.
Previous versions of the flash plugin returned the hidden variable
version, this one does not, but this is a security/privacy correction.

If anyone could test this perl script with r25 or r20 as installed
online, i.e. using the stub method and share the results I would
appreciate it as I do not want at this time to uninstall the current
versions I have due to testing reasons.


Daniel Votino wrote:
> MAC & IE Developers Look Out!
> It is confirmed. after replacing my latest (ocx file) flash plugin
> 4.0r25
> with a version 4.0r13 from another computer on the network . . .
> (I replaced the windows/system/macromedia folder is all) all asp/cgi &
> database flash sites worked again. Then i removed the flash player
> plugin
> and let the system do an auto install, installing the latest r25 again
> and
> it no longer worked. I have attemped some of the workarounds to no
> avail.
> if youd like to see what plugin you're using, you can go to
> www.flashbrothers.com/vers. this will tell you what you are currently
> using and a link to Macromedias technote on the issue.
> The bad ones to have are, MAC 4,0,20,0 and WIN 4,0,25,0
> I pity the users who first become aqwuainted to flash through this new
> release.
> As long as they have it on their systems they will not be able to use
> many of
> the great flash 4 features being designed into sites by developers
> unaware of
> this fine bug. worse, they will not know why and developers will have a
> difficult time explaining this to clients. i hope MM replaces these
> version
> immediately with working ones!
> ~d out
> Best Regards, Daniel Votino
> Project Manager, The Flash Brothers Design Group, DESCRY Ltd.
> 510 E. Francis Ave. Suite# DESCRY, Spokane, WA 99207
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  RE: FLASH: the NEW Big Bad Nasty Flash P, Daniel Votino

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