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Subject: RE: FLASH: the NEW Big Bad Nasty Flash Player Plugin Bug!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
From: unique
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 18:10:26 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Daniel Votino
<danielatflashbrothers [dot] com> put forth:

> MAC & IE Developers Look Out!
> ...
> The bad ones to have are, MAC 4,0,20,0 and WIN 4,0,25,0
> I pity the users who first become acquainted to flash through this new
> release.

I don't just pity those users, who may well abandon Flash for a long time if
they have *any* nuisance with it. I also pity us developers and designers as

> As long as they have it on their systems they will not be able to
> use many of the great flash 4 features being designed into sites by
> developers unaware of this fine bug.

Well Daniel! Didn't you read the technote carefully?


You have the privilege of being able to go back and *redo all of your work*
and upload the new file and then things will be fine!

4 Ways (sorry, I was wrong when I said "2" yesterday):

(1) You can rewrite your receiving script ... but, be careful, because, as
Matt Wobensmith warns us, "This may be the easiest solution for this
problem, as it requires minor changes to most movies. However, this should
be experimented with, due to the complexity of some Flash projects and some
server-side scripts."


I assume that he means that we should do this "experimenting" in our
abundant "spare time" ...

(2) Or you can rewrite your code to pass all of your variables along
*one-by-one*. Sounds like fun.

(3) Or you can rewrite your code to put all of your variables into a movie

(4) Oh yes, and of course we have the option to sniff out the player
version, and compose our own subroutines to personally deal with the Whole
Mess via a Damage Control Flash Movie.

That's just what I want to have to show my prospective clients ... that,
while their beautiful work of art is opening, we gotta stick in a sniffer
routine to sniff out Player 25/20. Good God.

> worse, they will not know why and
> developers will have a difficult time explaining this to clients.

And we will all just have to "suck it up". *Too bad.*

Shades of the Shockwave Remote Disaster of 1999 ... "let the
developers/designers fix it ..."

... meanwhile, as of an hour ago, Macromedia *continues* to pump out this
defective player ... *compounding* the problem.

When this Bad Player is finally replaced, I would like to hear from
Macromedia as to (1) how many defective players were released to the public,
(2) how many defective players were released to the public *after* MM
discovered the existence of a problem, and (3) *why* didn't they stop
promoting these Bad Players when they knew there was a problem?

> i hope MM replaces these version immediately with working ones!

Gee Daniel, I don't think you're gonna get "immediately". (This problem has
been known of by MM since at least last Monday (date of technote)!)

But I think they may be out of the office over the weekend. It surely seems
so, so far.


HEY. Am I making a mountain out of a molehill here? Somebody please slap me
around if I am. I have better things to be doing with my weekend time here.

In case ya need one more, here's another little kick: MM's designated
technote "Area" for this particular technote is "Tips & Tricks".

Talk about *trivialization* ...

HTH and Thanks,

Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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