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Subject: FLASH: Run a MC backwards
From: Rick Koch
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 20:26:43 GMT

Hi All,

Seems this came up recently but not sure. I have a very simple slide
show MC that mimics the old fashion slide projector in the living room
idea, i.e.. a few tweens per image that lets a slide 'slide' in and
off, then a new slide 'slides' in etc. with a stop action on the
slide-in frame to allow for viewing.
An Advance button continues on playing the next few frames so the slide
can move off and another moves on and holds at the next stop action etc.
etc. What about going back to a previous slide? Is there an action to
run the clip backwards to the previous stop action frame so as not to
lose the 'slide in - slide out' motion.

That would be my first preference (to actually run the clip in reverse)
but in a similar vein, is there a button action that would allow for
jumping to a PREVIOUS label (all my labels are numeric (1,2,3,4, etc.)
so I'm wondering if variables could come into play here like a variable
-1 or something) but I would have no clue as to the specific syntax.
Any help?

Rick K.

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