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Subject: Re: FLASH: HOW TO Computer typing effect
From: unique
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 21:15:50 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Alejandro
Sanchez <alesanatiname [dot] com> put forth:

> Hi!
> I am working in a flash movie
> that produce a computer typing effect
> (like "wake up" Neo in The Matrix movie).
> The way that I do, is:
> 1) Write a text
> 2) put a black box in top and sliding to the rigth
> And the question is: How I made to automatize the
> processs for more than one line?
> I try to use one movie in a library, but i can't.
> Or I am fool, or not is intuitive, or there are other ways.
> My project is in http://www.alesan.f2s.com/start.fla

Hey Alejandro,

(The URL doesn't work properly.)

If you use the "sliding black box" method, you don't get a true *typing*
effect, because, at some moments, you can see half of a letter (assuming
that you're sliding via a tween).

As with many things ( ~~:-| ), I've thought about this, but haven't actually
done it. Here's what I would do:

(1) This step may be omitted. I would create the final text in FreeHand,
breaking it into individual outlines, export as a swf, and import into

The advantage of doing it this way is that you have an easy way of being
sure that any letters that occur more than once get converted into symbols,
saving memory overhead. Nifty feature, huh?

Okay, whether via importing your FreeHand swf, or by creating the letters
within Flash, you have all of your letters, in proper position, in Frame 1.

(2) Place one keyframe at whatever interval you determine you want the
letters to appear.

(3) In this keyframe, delete the last letter or punctuation mark, etc.

(4) Continue adding keyframes at the same interval, deleting the next last
letter or punctuation mark, etc. Don't forget to account for *space*

(5) When you get to the keyframe where you delete one letter and there's
only one left, then stop.

(6) Highlight from this keyframe back to Frame 1.

(7) Choose Modify > Frames > Reverse.

(8) Add your sounds.


Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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