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Subject: Re: FLASH: HOW TO Computer typing effect
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 21:36:56 GMT

At 12:15 PM 1/23/00 , you wrote:

>The way that I do, is:
>1) Write a text
>2) put a black box in top and sliding to the rigth
>And the question is: How I made to automatize the
>processs for more than one line?

Your black box could be a staircase shape climbing to the right so that
after the first line is revealed the second line starts to be revealed.

A reverse way to do this is to use a mask layer above. I say "reverse"
because the mask reveals, rather than covers, the text.

As Ken pointed out, if you simply motion-tween the mask, this won't look
like real typing because letters won't appear one at a time. After creating
the motion tween, convert its frames to all keyframes. Then step through
the keyframes and shift the mask tot he right or left so that in each
keyframe it covers exactly one additional letter. This may be easier if you
change the layer properties to outline, so you see just the shape of the
mask, not its fill. This is time-consuming; I don't know if it's faster or
slower than Ken's method. Remember, too, that if you add a click sound as
each letter appears, it will strengthen the illusion considerably. There
are click sounds in the sounds library that comes with Flash.

Marc Hoffman

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  FLASH: HOW TO Computer typing effect, Alejandro Sanchez

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