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Subject: FLASH: 0% alpha =/= transparent?
From: uo||!p
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 23:57:45 GMT

Hi all -

I'm a flash newbie and I hope these questions don't sound too stupid to you:

I'm having trouble making my symbols completely transparent in flash 4. Even
though I set the alpha values to 0%, i can still see the symbol - why is it
like that?

I was also trying to make a symbol with a gradient fill which has some
tranparent colors in it and other areas matching the background color of the
movie, but when i use that symbol, not only that the supposedly matching
background colors don't match, i always see some faint grids in the
transparent areas.... does any of you have any insight to this?

In addition, why can i never set the movie's background to exactly match
that of the html document, even when they have the same Hex color code? It
seems to me that the background color of flash is always a tiny bit lighter
than the html documents....

Thanks a lot in advance!

dillon / uo||!p

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