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Subject: FLASH:Menu asking
From: Maria Ivanova
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:45:15 GMT

Hi Everybody,

I would like to ask you something. I am trying to make a film that will
be dragged and dropped and the photos itself will be buttons. When one
clicks on the photo (a small one), it will come out of the film and

My problem is:
At the moment on one and the same movie clip I have the film and and the
photos. Later in the same movie clip I have layers that contain the
enlarged photos. I want when a picture is clicked it comes out but when
I start draging the movie up and down I want the photo to disappear. I
thought that if I make an invisible button over the film which says to
go to the 1 frame ot any other frame. But in that way the movie will be
rescrolled in its first position and I do not want that.

The other thing that I thought of is using load and unload movies. Each
picture will be a separate movie which will contain only a 10 framed
tween with the enlargement. In that way I will not have problems with
the film. But the photos of the man will be loaded twice - once with the
film movie and second with the submovies.

Is there any way to make this thing without using separate movies? For
example is there a way that I can say 2 scene to overlap or partly
covers the 1 one or something like that?

I will appreceate your help very much.


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