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Subject: RE: FLASH: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?? Was: Big Bad Nasty Plugin Bug!
From: Flash Gordon
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:48:53 GMT

Ken & Daniel -

Hear hear! Now let me help to put this into perspective.

I have two clients who viewed the unveiling of many months of work by our 10
person firm this last week, whom, needless to say, were oh, a tad
disillusioned, even annoyed that their newfandanlged fabulous cutting edge
flash projects scheduled to go public in February and costing over
$50,000.00 collectively, were not working in the most critical areas, namely
asp and databasing. And why? Because they both "just happen" to be using
"the latest technology" in Flash players recently provided them by our
friends at Macromedia.

Now, supposing client A decides, after hearing the reason for this
"malfunction", since he, not being technically inclined himself cannot and
does not understand the reason given as to why it worked before but now
isn't, say he decides that this means many other people like him will not be
able to see the critical dynamic pieces of their company's Flash site and he
therefore decides to bail and not pay the outstanding portion on the
project's bill. What can I do? Perhaps I should say, "Well Mr. client, I'm
deeply sorry but you'll still have to pay for your project/site even though
it clearly doesn't work for you?" Somehow I think Judge Judy will favor the
client, don't you?

Now supposing client B, who sure as heck barely knows how to hold a mouse,
throws his hands in the air, and after 4-6 months of work on this client's
site he decides it - is after all, not worth the investment, especially if
he himself with the latest and greatest computer in the world cannot access
the most important parts of his own company's web site?? What shall I tell
him? "Well Mr. Client, you'll have to talk to Macromedia. Meanwhile, send
a check."

This would constitute an almost $40,000.00 dollar hit and nearly six months
of wasted time for our ten person team, a very grim look at the future
development of flash and surely put our company at risk. Perhaps even out
of business as an end result.

Why? I'll tell you why! Because one manufacturer, Macromedia, did not
support its product properly, and in fact, quite negligibly - by
continually posting a release which is daily compounding the immensity of
the problem and hence damaging the future of flash developers world wide.
Such are the cases of Class Action Lawsuits built.

Simply sweeping this latest flash player release bug under the carpet by
hiding it in the tips and tricks section of their site (as if it were no
critical issue) was, as far as this firm's concerned, a grave mistake. One
which MM may feel the repercussions in their P&L's for the year to come if
not remedied I'm sure. Jobs may be lost, people's lives gravely set upon
different courses. Stock holders angry. This thing will run deep if not
fixed post haste! Besides I'll be pissed and this is a bad week for me to
be pissed if you get my drift!

I suggest that Macromedia revert to its earlier Flash player releases prior
to these - and release them as NEW releases, viz. Mac4.21 and Win4.26 by the
end of the day and not release another until it is completely fixed.
Although much damage has been done, it can be stopped from propounding upon
itself hourly. (Hello MM, anyone tuned into this channel?)


Personal quote: "If it aint broke, dont flippin fix it with a broke
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