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Subject: RE: FLASH: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?? Was: Big Bad Nasty Plugin Bug!
From: Jon Andrews
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 13:48:06 GMT

>What you say is quite true. Macromedia doesn't support its products
>well. Hense this list. I have taken flash out of all my work but
>still find it an interesting program. Flash is really best for the
>art side of the internet not the commercial.

Jon Andrews

>Ken & Daniel -
>Hear hear! Now let me help to put this into perspective.
>I have two clients who viewed the unveiling of many months of work
>by our 10 person firm this last week, whom, needless to say, were
>oh, a tad disillusioned, even annoyed that their newfandanlged
>fabulous cutting edge flash projects scheduled to go public in
>February and costing over $50,000.00 collectively, were not working
>in the most critical areas, namely asp and databasing. And why?
>Because they both "just happen" to be using "the latest technology"
>in Flash players recently provided them by our friends at Macromedia.
>Now, supposing client A decides, after hearing the reason for this
>"malfunction", since he, not being technically inclined himself
>cannot and does not understand the reason given as to why it worked
>before but now isn't, say he decides that this means many other
>people like him will not be able to see the critical dynamic pieces
>of their company's Flash site and he therefore decides to bail and
>not pay the outstanding portion on the project's bill. What can I
>do? Perhaps I should say, "Well Mr. client, I'm deeply sorry but
>you'll still have to pay for your project/site even though it
>clearly doesn't work for you?" Somehow I think Judge Judy will
>favor the client, don't you?
>Now supposing client B, who sure as heck barely knows how to hold a
>mouse, throws his hands in the air, and after 4-6 months of work on
>this client's site he decides it - is after all, not worth the
>investment, especially if he himself with the latest and greatest
>computer in the world cannot access the most important parts of his
>own company's web site?? What shall I tell him? "Well Mr. Client,
>you'll have to talk to Macromedia. Meanwhile, send a check."
>This would constitute an almost $40,000.00 dollar hit and nearly six
>months of wasted time for our ten person team, a very grim look at
>the future development of flash and surely put our company at risk.
>Perhaps even out of business as an end result.
>Why? I'll tell you why! Because one manufacturer, Macromedia, did
>not support its product properly, and in fact, quite negligibly -
>by continually posting a release which is daily compounding the
>immensity of the problem and hence damaging the future of flash
>developers world wide. Such are the cases of Class Action Lawsuits
>Simply sweeping this latest flash player release bug under the
>carpet by hiding it in the tips and tricks section of their site (as
>if it were no critical issue) was, as far as this firm's concerned,
>a grave mistake. One which MM may feel the repercussions in their
>P&L's for the year to come if not remedied I'm sure. Jobs may be
>lost, people's lives gravely set upon different courses. Stock
>holders angry. This thing will run deep if not fixed post haste!
>Besides I'll be pissed and this is a bad week for me to be pissed if
>you get my drift!
>I suggest that Macromedia revert to its earlier Flash player
>releases prior to these - and release them as NEW releases, viz.
>Mac4.21 and Win4.26 by the end of the day and not release another
>until it is completely fixed. Although much damage has been done,
>it can be stopped from propounding upon itself hourly. (Hello MM,
>anyone tuned into this channel?)
>Personal quote: "If it aint broke, dont flippin fix it with a broke version!"
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Jonathan Andrews
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New York, NY 10012


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