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Subject: Re: FLASH: (OT) Database and Flash info?
From: james
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:11:40 GMT

Check some of the resource sites like were-here.com,
flashkit, etc, I can't recall which but a couple had
CGI/Flash samples like guestbooks, etc.

I'm an ASP guy so I can't help you much other than
it's basically all the same no matter what backend you
tie in to, the flash setup is virtually the same.
Flash just looks for and passes variables - it doesn't
really care to who or where the variables go.


--- David Doggett <daveatfunmark [dot] com> wrote:
> If anyone knows where I might find documentation on
> how to connect a flash
> site to a database using unix servers via cgi
> scripts I would greatly
> appreciate any assistance you could offer me.
> Also, if anyone has done this task and has a few
> minutes to chat about it I
> would
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