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Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Design in Flash?
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 15:49:15 GMT

At 08:49 PM 1/23/00 , you wrote:
>For a basic site that is designed entirely in Flash 4, is it best to have
>one large .swf file on a single timeline utilizing optimization techniques,
>use multiple scenes, or call independent .swf files as needed?


I will add a different point of view than what has been expressed.

If large segments of material will be called in a random fashion by the
user, then it makes sense to me that you use Load Movie. This way they
don't have to wait for things to load that they are not going to request,
or which they will not ask to see until later. If the movie is linear, put
it all in one movie. Not only will it load more smoothly, you'll be able to
optimize the use of symbols by having them all in a single library.

In either case, the user should never have to wait long periods of time
before seeing relevant content. The only reason to preload an entire Flash
movie is when it constitutes a splash navigation page, where all elements
must be present for it to function correctly. In that case, the movie
should be as small as any Web home page -- around 50k or less. Use
preloaders only where necessary, and make sure they are interesting and
relevant, not just "fluff." Percentage bars are fascinating mostly to the
developers who create them; most viewers are looking for information and
will not hang around too long waiting for it.

Marc Hoffman

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