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Subject: Re: FLASH: (OT) Best Sounds Settings For Importing into Flash?
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:40:37 GMT

At 05:34 AM 1/24/00 , you wrote:

>I have a site that uses narration and most of the files are quite large (1-3
>MB) before I import them into Flash.
>They are in 22050, 16 bit Stereo right now before I import them
>I recently tried to convert them to 8 bit mono and outside of flash they
>sounded just as good, but once I imported them they sounded like Mickey

If you mean the pitch changed, then you are not importing at 22050. Flash
reads some other sampling rates at the wrong rate, resulting in a pitch
shift. Best to stick with 44.1kHz, 22050Hz, or 11025Hz. I am not sure if
converting to 8 bit before import has any effect on MP3 compression in
Flash, but it will not have any effect on Flash3 ADPCM compression, since
ADPCM determines the bit rate for export.

>Is there a way for me to decrease the file size and keep the quality inside

If that's important, I'd recommend convert to 22050Hz, 16-bit mono before
import. Converting to mono saves 50% of the file size with zero reduction
in quality. 22050 16-bit played back on most computer speakers (even on
most hi fi stereos for that matter) will be virtually indistinguishable
from CD quality for nearly all your audience. If that's not small enough,
try 11025Hz. Of course you can try reducing bit depth to 8-bit, but that's
where you're likely to see the most degradation of quality.

Marc Hoffman

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