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Subject: Re: FLASH:Menu asking
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 18:15:49 GMT

At 03:35 AM 1/24/00 , you wrote:

>At the moment on one and the same movie clip I have the film and and the
>photos. Later in the same movie clip I have layers that contain the
>enlarged photos. I want when a picture is clicked it comes out but when
>I start draging the movie up and down I want the photo to disappear. I
>thought that if I make an invisible button over the film which says to
>go to the 1 frame ot any other frame. But in that way the movie will be
>rescrolled in its first position and I do not want that.

You can make separate movie clips in which the photos get larger. Give them
each a frame where there is no photo and there is a stop frame. Put these
movie clips inside the menu movie clip and use TellTarget to make them play
or to park them (that is, to move them to the blank, stopped frame). I know
you do not want the larger movie clip to return to frame 1. You may have to
give it a frame where it is still opened up (not rescrolled) but where the
invisible button does not appear, so that users can click on another item.
The basic idea here is that when you want an animation to be independent of
the timeline where it is placed, you put it in a movie clip so it can run
independently using TellTarget.

Marc Hoffman

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