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Subject: Re: FLASH: 0% alpha =/= transparent?
From: julie
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 19:52:57 GMT

> I was also trying to make a symbol with a gradient fill which has some
> tranparent colors in it and other areas matching the background color of the
> movie, but when i use that symbol, not only that the supposedly matching
> background colors don't match, i always see some faint grids in the
> transparent areas.... does any of you have any insight to this?

When making a color transparent it seems to only work completely when you
set the fill up as one color and then make one side transparent and the
other side 100%. So if you want a gradient that goes from black to clear
you would make a new gradient, and set both of those little arrows to black
and then change the opacity of one (or two or three) of them. I don't know
why, but if you use more than one color in a gradient, it doesn't seem to
want to go completely transparent. If you want to use a bunch of different
colors you can set the gradient up for all of the different colors and then
layer them, That has worked for me in the past.....it's kind of a pain in
the ass, but it seems to work.

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