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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT Virtual PC on a G4?
From: Michael Penne
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 21:19:44 GMT

Slower than? VPC is not a good solution for graphics/3d/music software
(processor and/or video card intensive) out of the box (you can improve
graphics for instance, by installing a PC gphx card w/drivers).
However, for non-processor intensive PC apps. it works fine, great for
testing as you can run several disk images (with various browser/plug
combos) on one Mac. If you are wanting to use 3d (or other
processor/video/ram intensive) software on Virtual PC, however, I would
suggest one less G4 and getting a PC to run the PC only stuff.

--- Bill Numerick <bnumerickatnetradiant [dot] com> wrote:
> I was wondering how well virtual PC works on a G4? Is it slower?
> Would I
> be able to run all my pc software? The reason I'm asking is because
> I'm
> thinking about getting Mac workstations however some programs I use
> are only
> out for the PC. Any help in this area would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> -Bill Numerick
> bnumerickatnetradiant [dot] com

Two new flash movies as of 1/5/00

New music video and new flash 3d file...

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