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Subject: FLASH: PC user needs help with Mac
From: Kyron
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:12:58 GMT

I am trying to burn a CD with both versions of the projector. I know how to
autorun the PC side of things. But I am not sure what to do for Macs.

I did create a Mac .hqx projector file, and burned that as well. But when I
tried to run it on a Mac, I got an error message saying the OS couldn't find
the appropriate application. This is after I went to Macromedia's site and
installed the version 4 plug-in for Navigator.

First can someone give me advice on the best way to approach this overall?
Second, is the error due to the fact that the CD was burned a PC CD, or
would it be that the .hqx file was created with a PC. Is there a way to do
this without buying a Mac version of Flash and burrowing a friends machine?

Thanks in advance

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  Re: FLASH: PC user needs help with Mac, Tom Green

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