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Subject: Re: FLASH: GIF vs JPG in Flash movie?
From: 2Nerotik
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 02:19:50 GMT

Yes take advantage of PNG for importing into Flash. Since it matters not
for which browser or browser version a person is using as long as they
have the Flash plugin.

I also found that Fireworks is nice and easy for doing up PNGs. I save my
graphics as BMPs and then open them up with FW3 and export them
as PNGs.

Note: When saving a PNG with an indexed transparent color. The file
MUST be brought back into FW3 and resaved before importing into Flash.
I don't know why but if you don't do this Flash will index the wrong color
as being transparent.

An easy way of testing this is to take a black and white picture and choose
either color as being transparent then import that pic into Flash... you will
notice the opposite color being transparent.

At 11:33 PM 23/01/2000 -0600, Tim Layton wrote:
>I would like to take advantage of the many extras that the PNG graphic
>format has to offer but wanted to make sure there was no impact on my users
>before taking the journey. If I import PNG files into my Flash 4 movie will
>the clients have any issues viewing the graphics from their IE 3/4/5 or NS
>3/4 browsers? I own Photoshop 5.5 and typically scan in my pictures and
>photographs so exporting to the PNG format would be very easy for me.

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  Re: FLASH: GIF vs JPG in Flash movie?, Timothy Layton

  FLASH: GIF vs JPG in Flash movie?, Tim Layton

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