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Subject: Re: FLASH:Menu problem
From: Maria Ivanova
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 10:10:25 GMT

Hi again,

I have one more problem. My film does not want to drag and drop beyond the
bounderies of the size of the MC stage. The movie is 2182 pixs. long and I
do not know how to make it scroll along its size but with drag and drop. I
know that it will scroll if I use a scroll bar menu.

Plesae, help me.

the site is at:
When you click on the menu Vassil Himself, and then photo gallery. You will
see what I am trying to do.


Maria Ivanova wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> I would like to ask you something. I am trying to make a film that will
> be dragged and dropped and the photos itself will be buttons. When one
> clicks on the photo (a small one), it will come out of the film and
> enlarge.
> My problem is:
> At the moment on one and the same movie clip I have the film and and the
> photos. Later in the same movie clip I have layers that contain the
> enlarged photos. I want when a picture is clicked it comes out but when
> I start draging the movie up and down I want the photo to disappear. I
> thought that if I make an invisible button over the film which says to
> go to the 1 frame ot any other frame. But in that way the movie will be
> rescrolled in its first position and I do not want that.
> The other thing that I thought of is using load and unload movies. Each
> picture will be a separate movie which will contain only a 10 framed
> tween with the enlargement. In that way I will not have problems with
> the film. But the photos of the man will be loaded twice - once with the
> film movie and second with the submovies.
> Is there any way to make this thing without using separate movies? For
> example is there a way that I can say 2 scene to overlap or partly
> covers the 1 one or something like that?
> I will appreceate your help very much.
> Thanks,
> Marie

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  FLASH:Menu asking, Maria Ivanova

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