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Subject: FLASH: sending variables to a CGI script
From: Bob Shuster
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 03:25:23 GMT

I've racked my brain and I just can't seem to get this working. I've
got most of the Flash 4 books available (and have gone through them.)
I've hit the official Flash documentation as well as Macr.'s Flash
site. I've hit most of the other sites (FlashBible, etc.)

That being said - I'm trying to get a simple form working, and I
think I'm simply doing something basically wrong. My server is set
up for CGI - I even have an HTML form setup and working to duplicate
what I want to do in Flash.

Here's the problem. I'm using the following scripting to send data
(well, that's what I'm *trying* to do) to a Perl script on my server.
The form seems to work - if I don't enter data in one of the required
fields, it goes to the error routine. But when I press "Submit" (and
have data entered in the correct places) - the movie goes to the
"Confirm" section, but my browser just sits there saying "contacting
host". No email is ever sent. I think I'm missing something here.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? This has got to be a
pretty common thing in Flash - a feedback form - what am I doing

On (Release)
Comment: Make sure the user filled in all the required fields.
If (name ne "" and email ne "" and comments ne "")
Comment: Check to make sure the email address includes and @.
Set Variable: "i" = "0"
Set Variable: "validmail" = 0
Loop While (i <= Length(email))
If (Substring (email, i, 1) eq "@")
Set Variable: "validmail" = 1
End If
Set Variable: "i" = i + 1
End Loop
Comment: If there's no @ in the email go to the error page.
If (validmail = 0)
Go to and Stop ("error")
Load Variables ("/cgi-bin/formmail.pl", 0, vars=POST)
Comment: Go to the confirmation frame.
Go to and Stop ("confirm")
End If
Comment: if the user left required fields blank, show
them an error message.
Go to and Stop ("error")
End If
End On
<<<<<<<end script>>>>>>>>

Elsewhere at the same level I have set some hidden variables (i.e.
recipient, sort order, and subject) that should also be sent to the
script. I've spent way too much time on this already! Thanks -
Bob Shuster

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