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Subject: FLASH: flash: cgi-perl formmail problem?
From: zoubin
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 08:08:46 GMT

fellow flashers,

I've just implemented a simple formmail cgi-perl
script into a flash4 website for a client. (the whole
site is in flash)

It seems to work on some machines perfectly and not on
other machines!!! I've checked my code, my fla
definatly works as I've been able to send comments
through sucessfully at the internet cafe down the
road, on pc's (using both IE, and netscape)...

but the site seems to not post the information to the
cgi, when using mac, G4... and some other PCs!!!...

its seems really odd, that It would work perfectly on
one computer, and not on the next... I am wondering if
this is a common problem with the load variable
command in flash4??? (I've also noticed that the same
g4 that has this problem, cannot communicate with
www.shokfusion.com!!! and doesnt send my login
information back to shockfusion!?)..

anybody have any Ideas as to what the problem might
be?.. If needed I can supply the fla, and the cgi
script.. but am not posing it right now as I dont have
them handy...

perhaps a workaround would be to send the variables
via the fs command and submit the form through
javascript?.. but then, can you post variables when
you call up the cgi scipt's url in the location
parameter of the window object? (doesnt it have to be
nested within a form action?)..

any help would be apreciated...

the site I'm talking about is http://www.coffex.com.au

Please email CC comments or help to me at
zarinmediaatyahoo [dot] com (mailto:zarinmediaatyahoo [dot] com)

bye for now..
zoubin ( http://www.zarinmedia.com )

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