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Subject: FLASH: RE: Organic Flash?
From: Mark Abouzeid
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 10:21:24 GMT

It seems to me that we are about ready for the "Flasher Best of Web Design
Awards". This would provide a means us to show some of the better work that we
have come across and act as a starting point/inspiration for newbies.

I am willing to host such a thing if I can get some of the "celebrities' on
this list to participate. How is this different from what already exists?
Consider it the Academy Awards of Flash rather then the people's choice: peers
judging peers. The judges take care of the first cut with the entire flasher
list voting on the finals.

Could become a mark of distinction for the winners and a great way to bring all
our ideas and discoveries into one place. Also could become a great gallery of
what is possible; a place to take clients. Much as I like the flash resources
that exist, clients find them overwhelming and confusing. This could be a
gallery of winners in design with flash...with emphasis on design.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Rants? Raves?

best regards,

Mark Abouzeid, President
Collective Wisdom Inc.
abouzeidatcollective-wisdom [dot] com

"collective...making the complex clear"


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