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Subject: RE: FLASH: Re: DXF Import & Manipulation
From: John Foust
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 14:21:25 GMT

At 09:15 AM 1/27/00 +0530, Anuj Rawla wrote:
>I want to import a DXF file into flash and then allow the end user to pan &
>zoom at will. Is this possible ?
At 01:33 PM 1/27/00 +0100, Wilbrink, Jos wrote:

The answer is probably "no", given a peek at your web site, and
remembering your work with the Taj Mahal model. (I used to work
at Viewpoint.)

Flash is 2D. You might be able to find a conversion path that translates
some or even all of a 2D DXF file's drawn entities (perhaps Windows WMF
metafiles would be best) and then be able to view that after imported
into Flash.

If you expect to translate 3D entities, you'll need a third-party tool
designed for that, with Max plug-ins such as <http://www.ideaworks3d.com/>
or <http://www.davidgould.com/>.

- John

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