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Subject: FLASH: how do you dynamically rename variables?
From: Christian Cook
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 15:41:45 GMT

I am building a bulletin board in Flash 4 for a company intranet. All the
messages, headers, etc are stored in text files (with the view to hooking up
to a database). "m" is the number of messages (Loaded from txt files in
first frame), "z" is the z-index counter which starts at 1, "c" is a counter
which starts at 1 also. (I didn't combine c and z as other elements
elsewhere in the move add to z as other things are duplicated.)

The following is the script I am using to duplicate enough message boxes
according to how many messages there are and then space them out.

Loop While (/globals/:m > 0)
Set Variable: "/globals/:m" = /globals/:m - 1
Set Variable: "/globals/:c" = /globals/:c + 1
Set Variable: "/globals/:z" = /globals/:z + 1
Set Variable: "n" = "message" & /globals/:c
Duplicate Movie Clip ("/message", n, /globals/:z)
Begin Tell Target (n)
Load Variables ("bulletindata3.txt", /globals/:z)
Set Variable: ":header" = "header" & /globals/:c
End Tell Target
Set Property (n, Y Position) = GetProperty (n, _y) +
(/globals/:c)*(GetProperty (n, _height) + 15)
End Loop

The only bit that doesn't work is the tell traget bit. As you can see, I'm
no programmer. What i am actually trying to do is dynamiclly rename the
variable text filed "header" within movie clip "message" so that it is
called "header1" in the first duplication, "header2" in the second etc.. So
that the various message headers stored in bulletindata3.txt will load into
the correct boxes as they are dynamically created.

Any help greatly appreciated, sniggering is permitted.

Christian Cook
Designer, ISL
Tel: +44 (0)1372 227400
Fax: +44 (0)1372 225120
<cccatisluk [dot] com (mailto:cccatisluk [dot] com)>

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