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Subject: Re: FLASH: Publish Settings-Borders?
From: Vlad Cohen
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 16:46:15 GMT


It sounds to me like the white border is being produced by your HTML
file... Are you publishing the flash movie at a fixed size in pixels?

One option to get around your problem is to change the publish
settings to make your flash file 100% width and height (then it will
scale to fill your browser -- make it 102% in each direction for this
to work on Netscape on the mac) - but if you actually want a border,
and just want it to be black to match your flash movie, then maybe
your solution is simply to open the html file and change the
background colour to "#000000"

I hope that helps!!


>When I publish my HTML file using Publish Settings, how can I get rid of the
>border? My swf has a blck background and when I publish it has a white
>border all around.
>Your help, as always, will be very much appreciated.
>Kind regards,
Vlad Cohen Sky Interactive Programming
Art Director West Cross House, 3rd floor
p +44 (0)20 7941 5328 Grant Way
m +44 (0)7957 572 256 Isleworth TW7 5QD

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