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Subject: FLASH: Roll-over activated sub-menus
From: Anders Ramsay
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 20:04:06 GMT

I am currently working on creating a menu/sub-menu function in Flash 4.
My problem is that when I roll the mouse over the top-level menu button,
the sub-menu appears but keeps flashing on and off. If I set the thing to
only show the sub-menu upon clicking the menu button, the thing works fine
(but this is far less elegant, so I don't want to go with that approach).

This is how I did it:

First, I created a button that would serve as a menu high-lighter (white
box in the 'Up' state, high-light color in the 'Over' state, nothing in the
'Down' and 'Hit' frames)

Then, I created a two-frame movie clip:
In the first frame, I place a text box that says 'Menu' in one layer.
Then, in the layer below it, I placed the high-light button described above.
In the actions for *this instance* of this button, I placed the following:
On (Roll Over)
Go to and Stop (2)
End On

(so, I'telling it to go to frame 2 if there is a roll over event)

In the frame actions for frame 1, I just put a 'Stop' action without any

Then, in frame 2, I placed my Menu with the sub menu appearing below it,
and with a high-light button under each of the sub-menu items. Finally, I
added an action script for frame 2, again a 'Stop' action without any

What happens is that when I mouse over the menu item, the sub-menu flickers
on and of. If I change the event of the Mouse button instance to 'Press'
the flickering goes away.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Also, if someone know of an
alternate way of creating high-lightable sub-menus in Flash, that would be


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