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Subject: Re: FLASH: Why don't my text fields work on a Mac-ME TOO
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 21:20:13 GMT

> Indeed, the text fields did not appear on my machine- G3 OS8.6
> ns4.7 / Flash Player 4.0 r20.
> However, text does work in IE4.5.

20 on the mac (25 for windows) is the version that's broken (load variables
and get url to pass data from the browser to the server don't work from it).
I went back and checked my version number since it looks like it might be
important :) I'm on 14 I guess (4,0,14,0) (and I guess I can provide this
one to anyone trying to keep a file of them all if you like).

Why have there been so *many* anyway? I think I've upgraded 2 or 3 times
since flash 4 and once fairly recently (after xmas). I've never noticed this
as being important before - either you had the flash 3 plug-in or you
didn't... if it's now going to matter what *version* of the flash 4 plug-in
you have... that's really like a problem man :) All that trouble getting
people to install it in the first place (or have it pre-installed please)
how often do you think they're going to go back and get a new one? If it was
preinstalled on their computer, probably never...would never have occured to
me to do. That seems like an enormous number of revisions - was the first
release *that* messed up? geez...

Laura Mollett

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